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The pneumatic proportional valve controls the outlet pressure
in proportion to an electrical command input signal. It comprises
a complete closed loop servo system in a compact mono block
assembly with proportional solenoid valve, electronic regulatior
and internal pressure transducer. The valve works as a slide valve
and is designed for flow applications such as thermal cutting.
The digital control system offers advantages at installation and
commissioning for adapting the valve to special applications.
The regulator can be set and optimised using a PC, RS232 adapter
and software. Data record can be saved and used for further valves.
The valve has no constant bleed. At absence of input signal or
supply voltage the valve exhausts.

Software_Display: signal, outlet pressure, PID parameters, pressure switch signal etc.
Scope_function: view setpoint, outlet pressure, internal signals from PID control

Media: dry, lubricated, unlubricated and 50 μm filtered compressed air or non-corrosive gases
Supply_voltage: 24 V DC ± 10 V, residual ripple < 10%
Power_consumption: 14 W (810mA current consumption)
Signal_range: 0-10 V, 100 kΩ impedance 0/4-20 mA, 250 Ω impedance
Electr._connectio:n plug M12x1, 5-pin (protection class IP65)
Mounting_position: any, preferably solenoid on top
Accuracy: hysteresis 0.5% FS
Linearity_repeatability: < ± 0.5% FS

Temp._range: fluid / ambient 0 °C to 60 °C / 32 °F to 140 °F

Body: aluminium
Elastomer: NBR/Buna-N

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