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Closed loop electronic pressure regulator consisting of two
solenoid valves, an internal pressure transducer, and an
electronic control circuit mounted to an integral volume
booster. The pressure is controlled by activating the
solenoid valves, which apply pressure to the pilot side of
the volume booster.

Pressure is controlled by two solenoid valves. One valve
functions as inlet control, the other as exhaust. The pressure
outlet is measured by an internal pressure transducer which
provides a feedback signal to the electronic controls.
This feedback signal is compared with the command input signal.
Any difference between the two signals causes one of the two
solenoid valves to open, allowing flow into or out of the system.
Accurate pressure is maintained by these two valves.

Media: dry, unlubricated and 5 μm filtered compressed air or non-corrosive gases

Pressure_range: 0 ... 35 bar
Accuracy: +/- 0.4%
Input_signal: 0-10 V; 4-20 mA as an option
Mounting_position: any
Protection_class: IP65
Adjustment: zero point, span, hysteresis
Response_time: 15 ... 20 ms
Air_consumption: without constant bleed
Power_consumption: 6 W

Temperature_range: 0 °C to 70 °C / 32 °F to 158 °F

Booster_body: nickel-plated aluminium
Elastomer: FKM, NBR/Buna-N
Transducer: aluminium and silicon
Valves: nickel-plated brass

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