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Your are now in the overview of an article: RH3000
Choose a version from the table underneath, please.

Hand-operated, spring-loaded high pressure regulator for maximum
supply pressure of 220 bar and maximum outlet pressure of 200 bar.
For outlet pressures up to 15 bar the regulator has a diaphragm,
for higher outlets a piston. A sintered bronze filter at the inlet
port protects against contamination.

Media: compressed air or non-corrosive gases

Supply_pressure: max. 220 bar
by hexagon head screw at RH3000-02 to -A3;
T-handle at RH3000-06 to -10, with locknut

Gauge_port: All regulators are equipped with both one supply pressure
gauge and one outlet pressure gauge.
Relief_valve: prevents from overpressure, see chart

Compensation: All regulators are equipped with supply pressure variation
compensation, so that a change in supply pressure has no effect on the
outlet pressure's stability.

-20 °C to 60 °C / -4 °F to 140 °F Mounting position any

Body: stainless steel 316
Filter: stainless steel 316
Diaphragm: stainless steel 316
Valve seat: FKM
O-ring: FKM / PTFE
Piston: stainless steel 316

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part numberconnectionpressure range [bar]flow rate air [Nl/min]Kv [m³/h]safety valvePrice plus VAT (EU)
RH3000-02A DIN 477 / G1/4i1...85000,05S936,80 €
RH3000-02B DIN 477 / G1/4i1...157500,05S936,80 €
RH3000-02C DIN 477 / G1/4i3...3010000,05S1185,40 €
RH3000-02D DIN 477 / G1/4i5...5010000,05S1185,40 €
RH3000-02E DIN 477 / G1/4i10...10010000,05S1185,40 €
RH3000-02F DIN 477 / G1/4i20...20010000,05-1185,40 €
RH3000-03A DIN 477 / G3/8i1...811500,15S1226,10 €
RH3000-03B DIN 477 / G3/8i1,5...1525800,15S1226,10 €
RH3000-03C DIN 477 / G3/8i3...3035000,15S1435,10 €
RH3000-03D DIN 477 / G3/8i5...5041000,15S1435,10 €
RH3000-03E DIN 477 / G3/8i10...10058000,15-1435,10 €
RH3000-03F DIN 477 / G3/8i20...20065000,15-1435,10 €
RH3000-A3B G3/4i / G3/8i1...1561700,25S1310,80 €
RH3000-A3C G3/4i / G3/8i3...3077000,25S1559,40 €
RH3000-A3D G3/4i / G3/8i5...50108300,25S1559,40 €
RH3000-A3E G3/4i / G3/8i10...100113000,25-1559,40 €
RH3000-A3F G3/4i / G3/8i20...200116700,25-1559,40 €
RH3000-06A G3/4a1...8100001,5S1932,30 €
RH3000-06B G3/4a1...15120001,5S1932,30 €
RH3000-06C G3/4a3...30141701,5S2118,80 €
RH3000-06D G3/4a5...50166701,5S2118,80 €
RH3000-06E G3/4a10...100175001,5-2118,80 €
RH3000-08A G1a1...8183301,8S3548,20 €
RH3000-08B G1a1...15216701,8S3548,20 €
RH3000-08C G1a3...30250001,8S4300,80 €
RH3000-08D G1a5...50275001,8S4300,80 €
RH3000-08F G1a20...200308301,8-4300,80 €
RH3000-10A G1a / G11/4i1...8658303,1S5102,00 €
RH3000-10B G1a / G11/4i1...15658303,1S5102,00 €
RH3000-10C G1a / G11/4i3…30658303,1S5102,00 €
RH3000-10D G1a / G11/4i5…50658303,1S5102,00 €