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part numberdescriptionPrice plus VAT (EU)
BW00-01 made of steel10,40 €
BW00-31S made of stainless steel84,00 €
BW00-35S made of stainless steel136,50 €
BW50-01S made of stainless steel41,00 €
BW00-02 made of steel25,20 €
BW00-06 made of steel16,80 €
BW00-09 made of steel95,30 €
BW00-10 made of steel93,60 €
BW00-11 made of steel137,30 €
BW00-15 made of steel14,00 €
BW00-16 made of steel14,00 €
BW00-17S made of stainless steel42,00 €
BW00-18S made of stainless steel47,30 €
BW00-19S made of stainless steel55,10 €
BW00-20 made of steel16,00 €
BW00-21 made of steel24,70 €
BW00-22 made of steel15,10 €
BW00-23 made of steel15,10 €
BW00-24 made of steel33,30 €
BW00-25 made of steel9,40 €
BW00-26S made of stainless steel61,40 €
BW00-27S made of stainless steel57,80 €
BW00-30 made of steel154,50 €
BW00-32 made of steel57,80 €
BW00-33 made of steel13,30 €
BW00-34 made of steel17,50 €
BW00-36 made of steel10,90 €
BW00-38 made of steel13,30 €
BW00-39 made of steel16,60 €
BW00-40 made of steel25,00 €
BW00-41 made of steel36,10 €
BW00-42 made of steel22,10 €
BW00-43 made of steel57,80 €
BW00-44 made of steel17,30 €
BW00-45 made of steel17,20 €
BW00-46 made of steel10,90 €
BW00-47 made of steel82,40 €
BW00-48 made of steel22,90 €
BW00-49 made of steel14,60 €
BW00-50 made of steel20,80 €
BW00-51 made of steel18,70 €
BW00-52 made of steel47,80 €
BW00-53 made of steel52,00 €
BW00-54 made of steel61,40 €
BW00-55 made of steel69,70 €
BW00-56 made of steel197,60 €
BW00-58 made of steel30,90 €
BW00-59S made of stainless steel52,50 €
BW00-60 made of steel22,90 €
BW00-61 made of steel57,80 €
BW00-62S made of stainless steel73,50 €
BW00-63S made of stainless steel68,30 €
BW00-65 made of steel55,00 €
BW00-66S made of stainless steel80,00 €
BW10-01 made of steel11,70 €
BW10-02 made of steel5,60 €
BW11-01 made of steel17,00 €
BW12-01 made of steel10,80 €
BW14-01 made of steel6,20 €
BW15-01 made of steel5,20 €
BW17-01 made of plastic6,20 €
BW17-02 made of plastic9,40 €
BW20-02 made of steel49,50 €
BW20-03 made of steel13,00 €
BW20-04 made of steel16,60 €
BW28-01 made of steel15,30 €
BW30-01 made of steel6,30 €
BW30-02 made of steel9,90 €
BW30-03S made of stainless steel30,50 €
BW35-01S made of stainless steel33,60 €
BW42-01 made of steel10,50 €
BW45-01 made of steel12,50 €
BW45-02 made of steel15,60 €
BW45-03S made of stainless steel36,80 €
BW50-03 made of steel13,00 €