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Вы находитесь в обзоре к изделию: R-0,F950
Выбрать один из вариантов изделия из обзорной таблицы внизу.

Precision sapphire restrictor for reducing the flow

Medium: compressed air or non-corrosive gases
Ø-Tolerance: ± 0.005 mm, respectively ± 3% of volume flow
Filter_element: 5 μm for DN0.08 up to DN0.23, from DN0.25 on 100 μm
Operating_pressure: vacuum up to max. 7 bar

Temperature_range: 5 °C to 50 °C / 41 °F to 122 °F

Body: polycarbonate, FDA-approved
Restrictor: sapphire
Filter_element: stainless steel fabric

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пунктconnectionnominal sizeoperating pressure max. [bar]colourfilter pore size [µm]Цена без налог
R-003-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,087gold-7,30 €
R-004-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,107purple-7,30 €
R-005-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,137white-7,30 €
R-007-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,187yellow-7,30 €
R-008-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,207light green-7,30 €
R-009-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,237lavender-7,30 €
R-010-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,257light blue-7,30 €
R-012-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,307green-7,30 €
R-014-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,367orange-7,30 €
R-016-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,417grey-7,30 €
R-017-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,437brown-7,30 €
R-019-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,487red-7,30 €
R-020-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,517dark blue-7,30 €
R-025-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,647black-7,30 €
R-030-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,767beige-7,30 €
R-035-6 Nippel Ø 2,70,897dark grey-7,30 €
R-040-6 Nippel Ø 2,71,027blue/green-7,30 €
R-003-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,087gold-7,30 €
R-004-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,107purple-7,30 €
R-005-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,137white-7,30 €
R-007-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,187yellow-7,30 €
R-008-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,207light green-7,30 €
R-009-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,237lavender-7,30 €
R-010-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,257light blue-7,30 €
R-012-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,307green-7,30 €
R-014-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,367orange-7,30 €
R-016-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,417grey-7,30 €
R-017-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,437brown-7,30 €
R-019-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,487red-7,30 €
R-020-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,517dark blue-7,30 €
R-025-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,647black-7,30 €
R-030-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,767beige-7,30 €
R-035-1 Nippel Ø 4,70,897dark grey-7,30 €
R-040-1 Nippel Ø 4,71,027blue/green-7,30 €
F950-5-041-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,107purple54,70 €
F950-5-050-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,137light green54,70 €
F950-5-051-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,157red54,70 €
F950-43-071-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,187blue/green434,70 €
F950-43-101-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,257yellow434,70 €
F950-43-121-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,307black434,70 €
F950-43-161-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,417grey434,70 €
F950-73-201-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,517blue734,70 €
F950-73-251-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,647brown734,70 €
F950-73-301-B80 Nippel Ø 2,70,767beige734,70 €