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Vous vous trouvez dans la vue d'ensemble de l'article: PR
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The pneumatic proportional pressure regulator controls the outlet pressure in proportion to an electrical
command input signal. It comprises a complete closed loop servo system in a compact monoblock assembly with proportional solenoid valve, electronic regulator and internal pressure transducer.

In the process, the outlet pressure is transformed into a proportional electrical signal and compared
with the input signal. If the outlet pressure exceeds the preset setpoint, the valve exhausts down to the
pressure desired.

The valve has no constant bleed. At absence of input signal or supply voltage the valve exhausts.
The power supply of the setpoint potentiometer is provided by the proportional regulator
via connector pin number 5.

Open transducers = 100 mbar, 500 mbar, 1/5/10/16/20/30/50 bar and vacuum

Proportional pressure regulators are being used for blowing machines, ultrasonic equipments, testing
machines, painting systems, contouring systems, laser welding machines, textile machines, cheese
presses, pneumatic brakes, clamping devices and medical engineering.

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Articleconnectionsupply pressure max. [bar]pressure range [bar]flow rate air [Nl/min]Kv [m³/h]nominal sizeinput signalPrix plus VTA
PRA00-00V1 G1/8-10...-1,02100,1830-10 V1433,70 €
PRA00-00V1A5 G1/8-10...-0,52100,1830-10 V1433,70 €
PRA00-00V1A1 G1/8-10...-0,12100,1830-10 V1433,70 €
PRA00-01V1 G1/83-1,0...1,02100,1830-10 V1433,70 €
PRA00-A100 G1/810...0,12100,1830-10 V1072,90 €
PRA00-A500 G1/820...0,52100,1830-10 V1072,90 €
PRA00-0100 G1/820...1,02100,1830-10 V1072,90 €
PRA00-0600 G1/8120...6,02100,1830-10 V1072,90 €
PRA00-1000 G1/8120...102100,1830-10 V1072,90 €
PRA00-2000 G1/8220...202100,1830-10 V1072,90 €
PR000-00V1 G1/4-10...-1,07000,660-10 V1875,50 €
PR000-00V1A5 G1/4-10...-0,57000,660-10 V1875,50 €
PR000-00V1A1 G1/4-10...-0,17000,660-10 V1875,50 €
PR000-01V1 G1/43-1,0...1,07000,660-10 V1875,50 €
PR000-A100 G1/410...0,17000,660-10 V1478,30 €
PR000-A500 G1/420...0,57000,660-10 V1478,30 €
PR000-0100 G1/420...1,07000,660-10 V1478,30 €
PR000-0600 G1/4120...6,07000,660-10 V1478,30 €
PR000-1000 G1/4120...107000,660-10 V1478,30 €
PR000-1600 G1/4180...167000,660-10 V1478,30 €
PR000-2000 G1/4220...207000,660-10 V1676,90 €
PR000-3000 G1/4400...307000,660-10 V1856,80 €
PR000-5000 G1/4600...507000,660-10 V1856,80 €
PR100-00V1 G1/2-10...-1,014001,2120-10 V2605,80 €
PR100-0100 G1/220...1,014001,2120-10 V2019,70 €
PR100-0600 G1/2120...6,014001,2120-10 V2019,70 €
PR100-1000 G1/2120...1014001,2120-10 V2019,70 €
PR100-1200 G1/2140...1214001,2120-10 V2019,70 €
PR200-00V1 G1-10...-1,056004,8200-10 V3324,50 €
PR200-0100 G120...1,056004,8200-10 V2582,50 €
PR200-0600 G1120...6,056004,8200-10 V2582,50 €
PR200-1000 G1120...1056004,8200-10 V2582,50 €
PR200-1200 G1140...1256004,8200-10 V2582,50 €