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Vous vous trouvez dans la vue d'ensemble de l'article: PP
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The pneumatic proportional valve controls the outlet
pressure in proportion to an electrical command input signal.
It comprises a complete closed loop servo system in a compact
mono block assembly with proportional solenoid valve, electronic
regulatior and internal pressure transducer. The valve works
as a 3-port/2-way valve with proportional magnet. The digital
control system offers advantages at installation and commissioning
for adapting the valve to special applications. The regulator can
be set and optimised using a PC, RS232 adapter and software. Data
record can be saved and used for further valves. The valve has no
constant bleed. At absence of input signal or supply voltage the
valve exhausts.

Display: signal, outlet pressure, parameter, pressure switch signal etc.
Scope_function: view setpoint, outlet pressure, internal signals from PID control
Parameters: command signal, zero point, overload threshold, ramp
Valve_diagnosis: parameters factory set or customised, optimization of the valve

Technical features
• Pressure range 0...-0.1 bar bis 0...50 bar
• Command signal 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
• Output signal 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
• Adjustment zero point, range
• Pressure sensor 100 / 500 mbar, 1 / 5 / 10 / 16 / 20 / 30 / 50 bar
• Flow rate 250 / 820 / 1700 / 6500 l/min
• Linearity / Hysteresis ± 0.5% FS
• Response sensitivity < 0.5% v.FS
• Repeatability < 0.5% FS
• Regulating time < 1 s
• Rated input 12 / 22 / 30 / 44 W
• Relief capacity full nominal size

Masquer la description du produit

Articleconnectionsupply pressure max. [bar]pressure range [bar]flow rate air [Nl/min]Kv [m³/h]nominal sizesupply voltage [VDC]input signalPrix plus VTA
PPA00-00V3 G1/8-10...-1,02100,183240-10V1279,10 €
PPA00-A100 G1/820...0,12100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-A500 G1/820...0,52100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-0100 G1/820...1,02100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-0300 G1/880...3,02100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-0600 G1/8120...6,02100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-1000 G1/8120...102100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-1600 G1/8180...162100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-2000 G1/8220...202100,183240-10V935,30 €
PPA00-2500 G1/8300...252100,183240-10V935,30 €
PP000-00V3 G1/4-10...-1,07000,66240-10V1620,50 €
PP000-A100 G1/420...0,17000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-A500 G1/420...0,57000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-0100 G1/420...1,07000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-0300 G1/480...3,07000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-0600 G1/4120...6,07000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-1000 G1/4120...107000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-1600 G1/4180...167000,66240-10V1279,10 €
PP000-2000 G1/4220...207000,66240-10V1464,30 €
PP000-3000 G1/4400...307000,66240-10V1617,10 €
PP000-5000 G1/4600...507000,66240-10V1617,10 €
PP100-00V3 G1/2-10...-1,014001,212240-10V2384,50 €
PP100-0100 G1/220...1,014001,212240-10V1869,40 €
PP100-0300 G1/280...3,014001,212240-10V1869,40 €
PP100-0600 G1/2120...6,014001,212240-10V1869,40 €
PP100-1000 G1/2120...1014001,212240-10V1869,40 €
PP100-1200 G1/2140...1214001,212240-10V1869,40 €
PP200-00V3 G1-10...-1,056004,820240-10V2950,00 €
PP200-0100 G120...1,056004,820240-10V2324,30 €
PP200-0300 G180...3,056004,820240-10V2324,30 €
PP200-0600 G1120...6,056004,820240-10V2324,30 €
PP200-1000 G1120...1056004,820240-10V2324,30 €
PP200-1200 G1140...1256004,820240-10V2324,30 €