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Produits / Pressostat / VP701


Vous vous trouvez dans la vue d'ensemble de l'article: VP701
Veuillez choisir une variante de l'article dans le tableau de vue d'ensemble ci-dessous.

Pilot-actuated pressure valve with precisely adjustable pilot
setpoint. Perfect for applications which require intrinsic
safety, pneumatic sequencing or pressure relief. Valves are
normally opened or closed. The switch complies with
FDA regulations and is suitable for water and food products.

Media: 5 µm filtered compressed air

3-port/2-way air-assisted servo valve with exhaust to atmosphere,
NO, made of nylon

Supply_pressure: 1.4...8 bar, untapped exhaust
Air_consumption: max. 0.3 l/min at 2 bar supply pressure or
max. 0.7 l/min at 7 bar
Pneumatic_connection: quick connector for hose external diameter
of 4 mm (5/32")
Flow_rate: 70 l/min at 7 bar, nominal size DN 0.2, Kv = 0.05
Switching_time: 64 ms at 6 bar supply pressure

at supply pressure variation of 0.7 bar = <7 mbar pressure deviation

at supply pressure variation of 0.3 bar = <3 mbar pressure deviation

Repeatability: ± 2% FS

Temperature_range: 4 °C to 60 °C / 40 °F to 140 °F

Mounting_position: any

Body: polysulphone
Spring: stainless steel
Diaphragm: polyurethane
Media_non-contact_parts: nylon, carbon fibre nylon, acetal

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Articlesupply pressure max. [bar]overpressure max. [bar]pressure range [bar]hysteresis [bar]hysteresis typical [mbar]descriptionPrix plus VTA
VP701-5PT 1,4 bis 8-1-0,03...-0,173015vacuum switch, NC141,00 €
VP701-10PT 1,4 bis 8-1-0,03...-0,344020vacuum switch, NC141,00 €
VP701-30PT 1,4 bis 8-1-0,07...-0,857030vacuum switch, NC141,00 €