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Vous vous trouvez dans la vue d'ensemble de l'article: FM
Veuillez choisir une variante de l'article dans le tableau de vue d'ensemble ci-dessous.

Filter with bowl without sight glass, extremely robust,
for compressed air, non-corrosive gases or liquids.

Filter_element: 50 μm, optionally 5 μm, made of stainless steel.
Bowl: stainless steel version without sight glass

Drainage: screw plug as standard,
optionally for compressed air only: manual drain (max. 30 bar),
automatic drain (max. 16 bar)

max. 50 bar (without drain), optionally manual drain (max. 30 bar)
or automatic drain (max. 16 bar)

0 °C to 80 °C / 32 °F to 140 °F, for FKM or EPDM,
0 °C to 130 °C / 32 °F to 266 °F, for high temperature version,
for appropriately conditioned compressed air down to -20 °C / -4 °F
or low temperature version down to -40 °C / -40 °F

Body: brass
Bowl: stainless steel 316L, material no 1.4404, brass at FM-01/-A2
Elastomer: FKM, optionally EPDM
Inner_valve: brass and plastic (not at high temperature version)

Masquer la description du produit

Articleconnectionflow rate air [Nl/min]operating pressure max. [bar]filter pore size [µm]bowl capacity [l]bowlPrix plus VTA
FM-01 G1/875050500,03stainless steel231,00 €
FM-01G G1/87505050,03stainless steel207,90 €
FM-A2 G1/475050500,03stainless steel231,00 €
FM-A2G G1/47505050,03stainless steel207,90 €
FM-02 G1/490050500,14stainless steel264,60 €
FM-02G G1/49005050,14stainless steel270,20 €
FM-02I G1/4900500,010,14stainless steel411,80 €
FM-03 G3/8100050500,14stainless steel264,60 €
FM-03G G3/810005050,14stainless steel270,20 €
FM-03I G3/81000500,010,14stainless steel411,80 €
FM-04 G1/2250050500,20stainless steel368,20 €
FM-04G G1/225005050,20stainless steel374,90 €
FM-04I G1/22500500,010,20stainless steel515,40 €
FM-06 G3/4720050500,50stainless steel785,50 €
FM-06G G3/472005050,50stainless steel797,20 €
FM-06I G3/47200500,010,50stainless steel932,70 €
FM-08 G1720050500,50stainless steel785,50 €
FM-08G G172005050,50stainless steel797,20 €
FM-08I G17200500,010,50stainless steel932,70 €
FM-10 G11/4720050500,50stainless steel785,50 €
FM-10G G11/472005050,50stainless steel797,20 €
FM-10I G11/47200500,010,50stainless steel932,70 €
FM-1A G11/2720050500,50stainless steel785,50 €
FM-1AG G11/272005050,50stainless steel797,20 €
FM-1AI G11/27200500,010,50stainless steel932,70 €
FM-12 G11/22300050501,00stainless steel1414,60 €
FM-12G G11/2175005051,00stainless steel1449,80 €
FM-16 G22300050501,00stainless steel1414,60 €
FM-16G G2175005051,00stainless steel1449,80 €