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Ud. se encuentra en la vista general para el artículo: B3000
Seleccione una variante del artículo en la tabla de la vista general más abajo.

Filter pressure regulator with bowl without sight glass,
completely made of stainless steel. Diaphragm-operated, from size
G3/4 on piston-operated.

Media: compressed air, gases or liquids

max. 30 bar, 50 bar or 80 bar (with drain plug only)

- by adjusting screw,
- from B3000-12 on with T-handle, max. 50 bar for B3000-02 to -16,
optionally 80 bar

Relieving_function: relieving, optionally non-relieving
Gauge_port: G1/4 on both sides of the body, G1⁄8 for B3000-01/-A2,
one screw plug supplied
Filter_element: 50 μm and 5 μm, made of stainless steel
Bowl: stainless steel version without sight glass

- manual drain (max. 30 bar),
- screw plug for 50 bar and 80 bar version
- automatic drain (max. 16 bar) for G¼ (02) up to G1

-20 °C to 80 °C / -4 °F to 176 °F for NBR/Buna-N, EPDM or FKM
-20 °C to 130 °C / -4 °F to 266 °F for high temperature version
or low temperature version down to -40 °C / -40 °F

Body/Bowl/Inner_valve : stainless steel 316L, material-no. 1.4404
O-rings: FKM, optionally EPDM
Diaphragm: NBR/Buna-N with PTFE-coating

Ocultar descripción del producto

Artículoconnectionsupply pressure max. [bar]pressure range [bar]flow rate air [Nl/min]filter pore size [µm]bowl capacity [l]Precio más IVA
B3000-01GH G1/8300,8...820050,03546,00 €
B3000-01GDH G1/8301,5…1520050,03546,00 €
B3000-01H G1/8300,8...8280500,03539,00 €
B3000-01DH G1/8301,5…15280500,03539,00 €
B3000-A2GH G1/4300,8...820050,03546,00 €
B3000-A2GDH G1/4301,5…1520050,03546,00 €
B3000-A2H G1/4300,8...8280500,03539,00 €
B3000-A2DH G1/4301,5…15280500,03539,00 €
B3000-02G G1/4500,8...860050,14620,00 €
B3000-02GD G1/4501,5…1560050,14620,00 €
B3000-02 G1/4500,8...8800500,14613,00 €
B3000-02D G1/4501,5…15800500,14613,00 €
B3000-03G G3/8500,8...860050,14620,00 €
B3000-03GD G3/8501,5…1560050,14620,00 €
B3000-03 G3/8500,8...8800500,14613,00 €
B3000-03D G3/8501,5…15800500,14613,00 €
B3000-04G G1/2500,8...8220050,2810,00 €
B3000-04GD G1/2501,5…15220050,2810,00 €
B3000-04 G1/2500,8...83000500,2803,00 €
B3000-04D G1/2501,5…153000500,2803,00 €
B3000-06G G3/4500,8...8450050,51434,00 €
B3000-06GD G3/4501,5…15450050,51434,00 €
B3000-06 G3/4500,8...86000500,51418,00 €
B3000-06D G3/4501,5…156000500,51418,00 €
B3000-08G G1500,8...8450050,51434,00 €
B3000-08GD G1501,5…15450050,51434,00 €
B3000-08 G1500,5...86000500,581418,00 €
B3000-08D G1501,5…156000500,51418,00 €
B3000-10G G11/4500,8...8450050,51434,00 €
B3000-10GD G11/4501,5…15450050,51434,00 €
B3000-10 G11/4500,8...86000500,51418,00 €
B3000-10D G11/4501,5…156000500,51418,00 €
B3000-1AG G11/2500,8...8450050,51434,00 €
B3000-1AGD G11/2501,5…15450050,51434,00 €
B3000-1A G11/2500,8...86000500,51418,00 €
B3000-1AD G11/2501,5…156000500,51418,00 €
B3000-12G G11/2500,8...81550051,03140,00 €
B3000-12GD G11/2501,5…151550051,03140,00 €
B3000-12 G11/2500,8...820000501,03088,00 €
B3000-12D G11/2501,5…1520000501,03088,00 €
B3000-16G G2500,8...81550051,03140,00 €
B3000-16GD G2501,5…151550051,03140,00 €
B3000-16 G2500,8...820000501,03088,00 €
B3000-16D G2501,5…1520000501,03088,00 €