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Motorised proportional flow valve with low power consumption
and resistance to contamination. Throttle setting by wear-
resistant control drives made of oxide ceramic. Throttling occurs
with drip-tight zero shut-off but no gas tightness.

Media: compressed air, vacuum or liquids up to viscosity of 40 mm²/s
Hysteresis: ± 4%

DC, synchronous or stepping motor with standard voltage of 24 V DC
or AC ±10% residual ripple and IP 54.
All motors fulfil standards EN50.081-1, EN50.082-2 and 89/336/EEC.

Motor with feedback potentiometer for servo-amplifier.
Resistor 1kΩ ± 20 %, control e.g. by servo-amplifier.
Only part of potentiometer range is used.
Voltage for potentiometer 12 V, max. 10 mA.

With integrated position controller.
Setpoint input using jumpers = 0...10 V, 0/4...20 mA.
Input resistance 200 kΩ at voltage signal, 500 Ω at current signal.

Bipolar, by means of SAA1042A (Motorola) with drop resistance of
44 Ω per phase at a driver (full-step).
operating voltage of 24 V ± 5%. 2028 steps for 90° control disc turn,
200 Hz nominal step frequency.

Temperature_range: 10 °C to 90 °C / 14 °F to 194 °F
Protection_class: IP 54

Body: brass
Control_discs: oxide ceramic
Elastomer: NBR/Buna-N, optionally FKM or EPDM

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Artículoconnectionsupply pressure max. [bar]flow rate air [Nl/min]flow rate water [l/min]Kv [m³/h]nominal sizeswitching time [s]Precio más IVA
P822-15 G1/2100...10000...201,11510-14446,00 €
P82A-15 G1/260...30000...603,42010-14546,00 €
P823-15 G3/460...35000...704,42010-14546,00 €
P824-15 G160...35000...704,42010-14546,00 €