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产品 / 限压阀 / DBM


您目前位于下列商品的概览中: DBM

Back pressure regulators protect pneumatic devices against
overpressure. If the pressure exceeds the setpoint,the pressure
valve exhausts to the atmosphere until the pressure level is
below the setpoint.
It is advisable to select the pressure range
as near as possible to the maximum setpoint.

Media: compressed air, non-corrosive gases or liquids

Overpressure: see chart, max. 70 bar

by spindle with locknut for DBM-01
by black plastic knob with snap-lock for DBM-02
by T-handle with locknut for DBM-04 to -16
by hexagonal spindle (spanner size 24 mm) with locknut for DBC-12 / -16

G1/8 at DBM-01 on both sides of the body,
G1/4 from DBC-02 on, screw plugs supplied

Mounting_position: any

0 °C to 80 °C / 32 °F to 176 °F for FKM or EPDM
0 °C to 130 °C / 32 °F to 266 °F high temperature version,
for appropriately conditioned compressed air down to -20 °C / -4 °F,
or low temperature version down to -40 °C / -40 °F

Body: brass
O-rings: NBR/Buna-N, optionally FKM or EPDM
Inner_valve: brass
Diaphragm: NBR/Buna-N with PTFE coating


商品connectionpressure range [bar]regulating systemoverpressure max. [bar]relief capacity [l/min]价格 附加增值税
DBM-01D G1/80,8...8,0membrane30400209,05 €
DBM-02A G1/40,2...1,5membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-02B G1/40,3...3,0membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-02D G1/40,8...8,0membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-02E G1/41,5...15membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-02F G1/43,0...30piston65800216,30 €
DBM-02G G1/45,0...50piston65800216,30 €
DBM-03A G3/80,2...1,5membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-03B G3/80,3...3,0membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-03D G3/80,8...8,0membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-03E G3/81,5...15membrane30800175,36 €
DBM-03F G3/83,0...30piston65800216,30 €
DBM-03G G3/85,0...50piston65800216,30 €
DBM-04A G1/20,2...1,5membrane302500225,16 €
DBM-04B G1/20,3...3,0membrane302500225,16 €
DBM-04D G1/20,8...8,0membrane302500225,16 €
DBM-04E G1/21,5...15membrane302500225,16 €
DBM-04F G1/23,0...30piston652500356,38 €
DBM-04G G1/25,0...50piston652500356,38 €
DBM-06A G3/40,2...1,5membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-06B G3/40,3...3,0membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-06D G3/40,8...8,0membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-06E G3/41,5...15membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-06F G3/43,0...30piston658000713,79 €
DBM-06G G3/45,0...50piston658000713,79 €
DBM-08A G10,2...1,5membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-08B G10,3...3,0membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-08D G10,8...8,0membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-08E G11,5...15membrane308000469,89 €
DBM-08F G13,0...30piston658000719,76 €
DBM-08G G15,0...50piston658000719,76 €
DBM-12A G11/20,2...1,5piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-12B G11/20,3...3,0piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-12D G11/20,8...8,0piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-12E G11/21,5...15piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-12F G11/23,0...30piston70280002212,75 €
DBM-12G G11/25,0...50piston70280002212,75 €
DBM-16A G20,2...1,5piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-16B G20,3...3,0piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-16D G20,8...8,0piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-16E G21,5...15piston70280001570,34 €
DBM-16F G23,0...30piston70280002212,75 €
DBM-16G G25,0...50piston70280002212,75 €