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您目前位于下列商品的概览中: D2

The operating pressure is converted into a proportional, electrical signal by a ceramics stainless steel pressure transducer. After amplification the signal is monitored as an analogue voltage or current signal.

Media: compressed air, natural gases or liquids

Supply_voltage: 12-33 V DC residual ripple 5%, with reverse voltage protection, max. current consumption 4 mA

Electrical_connector: plug M12x1, 4-pin, with coupling socket

Protection_class: IP67 according to DIN EN60529

4-20 mA max. power consumption 260 mW
0-10 V max. power consumption 50 mW

Repeatability: < 0,3% v.E
Long-term_stability: < 0,3% v.E

Temperature_sensitivity: < 0,2% v.E
Vibration_resistance: 20 g at 15-2000 Hz

Ambient_temperature: from - 30 °C to 85 °C

Media_temperature: from - 40 °C to 125 °C

Shock_resistance: 100 g (11 ms)

Body: Stainless steel 316L, mat. no. 1.4404
O-Ring: FKM, optionally EPDM
Coupling_socket: polyacrylamide 50% GF UL 94 V-0
Measuring_cell: Stainless steel (bar areas) ceramics AL2O3 (mbar/absolute pressure areas)


商品connectionoverpressure max. [bar]pressure range [bar]pressure range [mbar]output signal [mA]output signal [V]价格 附加增值税
D2A-V00 G1/4a3,0-1...0-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V01 G1/4a3,0-1...1-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V02 G1/4a4,8-1...1,5-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V03 G1/4a7,5-1...2,5-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V05 G1/4a18-1...5-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V09 G1/4a30-1...9-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V15 G1/4a48-1...15-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-V24 G1/4a75-1...24-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-01 G1/4a3,00...1-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-02 G1/4a4,80...1,6-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-03 G1/4a7,50...2,5-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-04 G1/4a120...4-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-06 G1/4a180...6-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-10 G1/4a300...10-4-20-164,30 €
D2V-10A01 G1/8a300...16--0-10197,98 €
D2A-16 G1/4a480...16-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-25 G1/4a750...25-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-40 G1/4a1200...40-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-60 G1/4a1800...60-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-D1 G1/4a3000...100-4-20-164,30 €
D2A-D2 G1/4a4800...160-4-20-175,40 €
D2A-D3 G1/4a7500...250-4-20-175,40 €
D2A-D4 G1/4a12000...400-4-20-175,40 €
D2A-D6 G1/4a15000...600-4-20-175,40 €
D2A-E1 G1/4a15000...1000-4-20-175,40 €
D2A-B5V G1/4a2,0--50...504-20-252,50 €
D2A-C1V G1/4a2,0--100...1004-20-252,50 €
D2A-C2V G1/4a2,0--200...2004-20-252,50 €
D2A-C3V G1/4a2,0--300...3004-20-252,50 €
D2A-VC1 G1/4a2,0--100...04-20-252,50 €
D2A-B5 G1/4a2,0-0...504-20-252,50 €
D2A-C1 G1/4a2,0-0...1004-20-252,50 €
D2A-C2 G1/4a2,0-0...2004-20-252,50 €
D2A-C3 G1/4a2,0-0...3004-20-252,50 €
D2A-C4 G1/4a2,0-0...4004-20-252,50 €
D2A-C6 G1/4a2,0-0...6004-20-252,50 €